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Thousands Of Bamboo Fabric
- Nov 08, 2016 -

Thousands of bamboo fabric is a kind of bamboo fiber as raw material with natural wild bamboo as raw material for new fabrics. It has the following characteristics: 1. smooth and soft warm, 2. antibacterial antimicrobial, 3. moisture breathable, 4. Green, UV resistance, 5. natural and health, 6. comfortable and beautiful and so on.

Soft fabric

Are comparatively thin, soft fabric drape well, handsome lines smooth, natural stretch clothing outline. Soft fabric including evacuation of fabrics knitted fabrics and silk fabrics and soft thin muslin fabric and so on. Soft knit fabric often used in fashion design beautiful curve line concise style reflects the human body; is more loose silk, linen and other fabrics and style with pleating effects, fabric lines flowing.

Quite cool fabric

Quite cool fabric lines with a sense of volume, can form a full clothing outline. Common cotton, polyester, corduroy, linen and thick wool and synthetic fabrics, the fabric can be used to highlight the accuracy of costume designs, such as suits, suit designs.