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T/C Polyester Cotton And CVC Woven Fabric Main Value
- May 31, 2017 -

CVC fabric is only polyester and cotton components of the two fabrics, when the cotton content is equal to or more than 50% of the fabric.

Cotton is the main value of the textile; polyester with cotton blends, the general cotton content is higher than the polyester is called CVC yarn, and vice versa for the T / C yarn, but commonly known as CVC yarn content is more than 65% C / T ratio of 55/45, otherwise referred to as T / C yarn.

CVC fabric features editing

Good wear resistance and wrinkle resistance, but because of which the polyester fibers are hydrophobic fibers, the affinity of the oil is very strong, easy to adsorb oil, and wear the process easy to produce static electricity and adsorption of dust, difficult to wash, the advantage is the finished product is not Easy to deformation, especially in the case of machine wash. [1] 

CVC fabric and polyester / cotton fabric

Often buy shirts customers know that a lot of shirt fabrics marked polyester or cotton polyester. "Polyester and cotton" and "cotton polyester", the order of the two words into a two different fabrics. "Cotton" fabric refers to the composition of polyester accounted for more than 60%, cotton composition in 40%, also called TC; "cotton polyester" on the contrary, refers to the composition of cotton in more than 60%, polyester ingredients in 40% The following, also known as CVC.

TC refers to polyester cotton.

TC refers to polyester polyester fabric or polyester cotton yarn in the proportion of more than 50% polyester, the original word for the terylene / cotton; relative to TC, if the composition of cotton is greater than 50%, called CVC [chief value of cotton].

We used to put more than 65% of cotton cloth called CVC, CVC is generally defined as cotton content is greater than or equal to the amount of polyester, cotton and chemical fiber blended fabric. If the CVC6040 is 60% cotton and 40% chemical fiber. If the cotton content of 65%, chemical fiber content of 35%, it becomes T / C fabric

CVC is cotton and polyester blended fabric, cotton more than polyester; TC is polyester-cotton blended fabric, polyester more than cotton;

TR: T is Polyester, R is Rayon TR cloth is polyester and rayon blended fabric

Has excellent wear resistance and wrinkle resistance, but because of the polyester fibers between the hydrophobic fibers, the affinity of the oil is very strong, easy to adsorb oil, and wear the process prone to static electricity and adsorption dust, difficult to wash. CVC in the usual ordinary clothes can see their shadow.

Compared to cotton, it may not be cotton comfortable, but the cotton easily deformed, will shrink, CVC is not the same, because CVC cotton added polyester ingredients, so it is not easy to deformation, it will not shrink, but to say Who is better, this is really hard to say, can only say that they complement it Everything is benevolent see benevolence, the wise see wisdom.