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T/C Polyester Cotton And CVC Knitted Fabric Hydrophobic Fiber
- Jun 08, 2017 -

T/C Polyester Cotton and CVC Knitted Fabric Hydrophobic fiber

T is polyester, TERYLENE short code; C is cotton, COTTON short code. T / C fabric is polyester silk and cotton yarn in the woven machine in accordance with certain rules intertwined fabric.

Both the style of polyester and cotton fabric strengths, dry and wet conditions, flexibility and wear resistance are good, stable size, shrinkage is small, with tall and straight, easy to fold, easy to wash, quick dry and other characteristics.


Polyester polyester polyester fiber which is a hydrophobic fiber, the affinity of the oil is very strong, easy to adsorb oil, and wear the process easy to produce static electricity and adsorption of dust, difficult to wash, and can not use high temperature ironing and boiling water immersion.

CVC refers to the polyester yarn, the main ingredient is cotton, that is, the composition of cotton accounted for more than 50% (65 cotton 35 polyester) TC (cotton 20 polyester 80) 200G is the weight of the fabric, according to the weight of the material can be estimated The thickness of the combed cotton yarn out of the fine and better quality. Combed cotton yarn made of fabric in the texture, washability and durability have a higher quality standards.

Combed cotton is in the process of spinning, adding a sophisticated carding process, the practice is to comb to the shorter fibers, and remove the impurities in cotton to produce a smooth yarn, so that cotton is more tough, difficult Pilling balls, cotton quality is more stable.

Combing and carding is the process of veil, combed cotton yarn is more smooth, smooth, out of the fabric surface smooth, no neps. The effect of dyeing is also good. Features: good hygroscopicity, smooth, comfortable to wear, easy to wash easy to dry.

General identification method: combed cotton cloth dense, soft, solid. It is recommended that you can use "watch" and "touch" two methods to identify ordinary cotton and combed cotton. The former practice is to put a single layer of cotton on the hands, + light irradiation after the perspective, the combing cotton as a very tight, in the light can not see the shadows; the other hand, ordinary cotton because the weaving is not high enough, the hand The outline is vaguely visible. As for the touch to distinguish, it is the actual feeling of cotton texture is soft, solid.

High quality underwear and T-shirt products used in combed cotton as fabric.

Garment: refers to the use of carded spinning spinning yarn, also known as non-combed yarn.

Combed yarn: refers to the use of high quality cotton fiber as raw materials, spinning than combed yarn to increase the combing process and the production of yarn. The yarn of the combed cotton is finer and the quality is better. Combed cotton yarn made of fabric in the texture, washability and durability have a higher quality standards.

The so-called "two comb", narrow sense refers to the cotton carding and combing, broadly speaking, including open cotton, open cotton effect should actually be counted as comb before the preparation, as if playing the status of combing the preparation process, Also equivalent to the similar nature of the former spinning and spinning. Carding machine is a carding machine category, its important role is often a lot to describe the eulogy: "spinning the heart of the process", "comb was good spinning" and so on, it seems not too much. Combing is a rising star, the rapid development. As the "two combs" itself and the rapid development of the rapid, directly promote the progress of spinning technology, has long attracted the attention of the textile industry.