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Spandex Fabric Polyurethane Fiber
- Oct 19, 2017 -

Spandex Fabric Polyurethane fiber

Spandex is a polyurethane fiber, because of its excellent elastic, it is also known as elastic fibers, clothing fabrics have been a lot of applications.

Spandex fabric features:

1, spandex elasticity is very high, the general product does not use 100% polyurethane, more in the fabric mix 5 to 30% of the proportion of the various spandex fabrics are 15% to 45% comfortable elasticity.

2, spandex fabric is often made of composite yarn, that is, spandex for the core, with other fibers (such as nylon, polyester, etc.) made of cortex made of core yarn elastic fabric, its good adaptability to the body, it is suitable for tights , No pressure.

3, spandex stretch fabric appearance and performance and coated with the outer layer of fabric similar to the similar products. First, spandex is what fabric

We all know that cotton fabric is made of cotton as raw materials, after textile processing made of fabric, it is characterized by moisture, moisture, heat, alkali, health and so on. But we do not know is that the market a lot of so-called "cotton fabric", in fact, is not one hundred percent made of cotton, but joined a lot of chemical fiber, made by processing. We want to introduce the spandex is also part of the "cotton fabric": In general, the cotton content of more than 90%, it can be called cotton, can also be called cotton. So for the spandex this fabric, is it can be called cotton? According to national standards, if the cotton content ≥ 95, is cotton fabric, so in general, spandex, can be called cotton.

Second, the reasons for spandex clothing

So why add spandex to cotton? In fact, really 100% cotton clothes, wearing comfort but did not imagine the high, so there will be later blended fabric, and blended clothing, is the natural fiber and chemical fiber in accordance with a certain proportion, mixed Woven, the purpose of doing so is to avoid the pure cotton clothing because of high purity and wrinkle and uncomfortable, on the other hand is to reduce the price of cotton clothing. After adding the spandex, made of spandex, increased fabric elasticity, improved comfort a lot. Third, spandex can make what clothing

It was mentioned before, after adding the spandex, the fabric comfort improved a lot, and the flexibility is also very good, so for the flexibility and comfort requirements of maternity and baby equipment, and underwear can be made with spandex, and spandex Into the clothes washed is not easy to deformation, and permeability is very good. There is a joke, about the addition of 5% spandex cotton fabric clothing, and then a small clothes can be stuffed under a small elephant, which means that spandex made of clothing is very good elasticity.

Xiao Bian's friends to read the professional is the textile, just started shopping together, that there is a friend who know a cloth, can give a reference, or very good, but slowly, feel too understand the fabric is not very good Ah, at least it is difficult to buy all the clothes are very satisfied. So here that spandex made of clothing has its advantages, but mainly to buy clothes or personal preferences, not because of the advantages of good spandex, etc., and must buy this, the specific circumstances of specific analysis, vary Right now.