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Shirts Fabric Cotton Shirt
- May 31, 2017 -

The most common, most acceptable is the cotton shirt, his advantage is strong, soft and smooth texture, looks gorgeous and elegant. Cotton shirt is breathable, in the summer or airtight office, people feel relatively cool. However, the cotton shirt is easy to wrinkle, every morning to iron a cotton shirt, but also a very troublesome thing.

For many people who are troublesome, the choice of polyester and cotton blended shirt is more appropriate, they are not easy to wrinkle, wear a long time, than the 100% cotton shirt appearance to be much more love. However, this blended fabric is indeed sulking, in the summer as cotton so cool, comfortable.

The most popular blends are 65% polyester and 35% cotton, this fabric shirt, in addition to wear is not very comfortable, and looks very cheap. If you decide to buy blended, you should buy at least 50% of the fabric with cotton. In general, the more cotton is blended, the more beautiful the shirt looks.

Shirt material to light, thin, soft, cool, quite, breathable good ideal, can be divided into a variety of commonly used fabrics.

Traditional shirt fabric

(1) 100% cotton fabric

 Cotton fabric shirt wearing comfortable, soft, absorbent, easy to wrinkle, easy to deformation, easy to dye or discoloration, a high-quality shirt should be at least cotton. As a real person who knows how to wear, you should know what to judge the cotton fabric is really good. The focus of the fabric is to wear life, washing life, visual perception, wearing a sense of skin and other characteristics of the performance of this index can only affect the characteristics of raw materials, and the impact of raw material properties of the number of shares, A variety of indicators, single count as the main parameters to measure the quality of the fabric is confusing the practice. At present, the domestic direct sales in the shirt, the high-end shirt, this perception is closer to the fine denim of the Oxford fabric, low manufacturing costs, rough texture, are low-grade shirt fabric, and the upper class life style and mainstream business concept is not consistent The At the same time, according to European and American practice, high-grade cotton fabric does not use iron-free technical finishing. Free iron finishing is a chemical treatment, often change the cotton fabric skin feeling excellent characteristics, while leaving harmful chemicals. The individual can be said to have a free iron effect, the fabric has lost the flexibility of cotton and skin-friendly, touch feel close to the chemical fiber fabric.

(2) blended fabric

  This fabric is cotton and chemical fiber in accordance with a certain percentage of mixed in the high-end shirt made of cotton. This fabric not only absorbs the advantages of cotton and chemical fiber, but also as much as possible to avoid their own shortcomings. Most of the ordinary shirt is made of this fabric, the texture is hard, wearing cotton comfortable, not easy to deformation, not easy to wrinkle, easy to dye or discoloration, according to the proportion of cotton and different characteristics of cotton or pure polyester offset. Blended fabrics are widely used in middle and low shirt products, some blended with some functionality, such as relatively high elasticity, also used in specialized use of the higher level shirt.

(3) 100% chemical fiber fabric

It is the use of polymer compounds as raw materials made of fiber textiles. Their common advantage is colorful, soft texture, drape, smooth and comfortable. Their shortcomings are wear resistance, heat resistance, hygroscopicity, poor ventilation, heat easily deformed, prone to static electricity. It can be used to produce all kinds of clothing, but the overall grade is not high, difficult to board the elegant hall. In terms of shirts, 100% of the chemical fiber means cheap and low. However, some types of chemical fiber fabrics have some unique characteristics, such as high elasticity, high air permeability, high gloss, high wear resistance, etc., so pure fiber fabrics are also used in special-purpose shirts, such as the need for glossy performance clothing , Need to stretch the dance clothes, need to waterproof outdoor clothes and so on

(4) linen fabric

Shirt fabric in the aristocracy, wearing comfortable, soft, sweat, very easy to wrinkle, easy to deformation, easy to dye or discoloration. Although the past few years we see in a lot of books petty bourgeoisie to make every effort to render their own cotton white shirt, but do not give it to cheat. Anyone who knows how to wear a shirt should know that hemp is the best raw material for the shirt factory. Flax natural breathability, hygroscopicity and refreshing, making it a free breathing of the textile, room temperature can make the body room temperature drop 4-8 ℃, known as the "natural air conditioning." Of course, hemp also has a flawed defect, put on dozens of minutes after the wrinkles.

(5) Wool

Pure wool from worsted fabrics with warm, thick, good visual effects. But easy to wrinkle, easy to deformation, easy insects, easy to shrink. It is recommended that you buy wool shirts only when you consider the warmth in the winter, because his care is more troublesome than linen and cotton. Wool fabric a lot of heavy, textile wool is mainly wool wool.

(6) silk fabric

 Silk fabric is pure silkworm silk weave silk fabric, is recognized as the world's most luxurious shirt factory fabric, totally natural exudes a beautiful luster, high grams of silk fabric has always been the top luxury shirt fabric. The traditional and extravagant velvet fabric re-interpretation of elegant and noble gentleman temperament. Silk fabric care and maintenance because of more cumbersome, so more to reflect the "aristocratic" characteristics.

New shirt fabric

(1) free hot fabric

 Cotton iron-free technology called the 21st century high-tech, mainly divided into liquid ammonia finishing and resin finishing two processes to achieve the process. As we all know, the general cotton fiber molecules in a disorder, no fixed phase state, when the cotton fabric by water molecules and external force, the macromolecular chain between the relative slip, resulting in the so-called external force deformation is not Recovery, which makes the cotton fabric into a corrugated phenomenon. If the cotton fiber between the macromolecules can produce cross-linked network, then the role of external force or water molecules will not occur under the relative slip, that is, no wrinkles. The way to promote the intersection of macromolecules is based on resin finishing, through the finishing of resin molecules and cotton fiber molecules to produce cross-linking between the reaction, so as to achieve the production of cotton fiber with deformation of the performance of cotton fiber, cotton fiber After the clothes can be washed after ironing without wrinkling. This finishing resin is usually modified with formaldehyde resin or low formaldehyde 2D resin, in the preparation of resin finishing liquid, in addition to formaldehyde or 2D resin, but also with a variety of auxiliary agents such as catalysts, softeners, lubricants, etc., Use it to improve fabric feel and comfort. Therefore, the Khmer, cotton-free shirt is a popular high-end shirt at home and abroad, because the shirt after a non-iron finishing, giving the shirt smooth, washable and not wrinkled (so-called morphological stability) characteristics, improve the shirt Grade and added value.

(2) anti-fouling waterproof special fabrics

Through a variety of chemical treatment, such as anti-static treatment, hydrophilic treatment, low surface treatment and nano-technology, such as fabric with anti-fouling or waterproof function.

(3) health care fabrics

In recent years, as consumers increasingly seek comfort, health and concern about environmental issues, so as to bring opportunities for the development of health care materials. At present, some countries have focused on the development of health-resistant fabrics such as antimicrobial mite, acarifolia and anti-ultraviolet rays. The commonly used technique is micro-film technology, which encapsulates one or several active products in microparticles Capsules, woven into the fiber in the fabric, making it a health care clothing. Some woven into the clothing fiber in the capsule and the skin contact, it burst out, but issued aroma, insect repellent and anti-bacterial agents, to play its health care role. At present, some textile research institutes and textile manufacturers, has been using microcapsule technology to produce a maid with underwear pants, will not be stained with sweat tie, to the socks, to adjust the temperature of the jacket, in addition to sweat pants , Weight loss underwear and dipped sleeping pills, etc., and has been to the role of disease treatment of clothing to promote. For example, Australia has produced clothes that can filter the sun, France has produced anti-UV T-shirts, France has produced viscose fiber made of insects can prevent insects, Japan has produced antibacterial underwear and so on.

(4) metal cotton shirt

This is a new type of warm clothing, he caters to the winter clothing to light, soft, thin, warm development trend, winter wear a metal cotton shirt, and then wear a suit, it is particularly chic. The so-called metal cotton is a warm chemical fiber flakes on the surface with a layer of metal film reported, play a role in thermal insulation. Metal shirt shirt in the structure of the new, has all the main unloading, that is, shirt and liner can be completely separated, wear dirty as long as the shirt "full unloading" down cleaning, wash and then "loaded" up, and " Semi-unloading "is able to wash the collar, sleeves, shirt part of the trunk can not be cleaned.

(5) far infrared warm shirt

Warm shirt is made of horse fiber, far infrared warm fiber, wool three kinds of fiber worsted. In the production and design of the three fibers organically combine to make full use of far infrared thermal health care function, with the hemp fiber moisture absorption performance, to stimulate the human skin water molecules to promote the body's microcirculation and blood mixing bait Heat. The use of hemp fiber breathability and antibacterial properties to avoid the fabric of the static. Hemp fabric has a certain winter conservation and health care function. People wearing this shirt will feel comfortable, no static interference. At room temperature through the far infrared fiber to absorb the heat emitted by the human body surroundings, radiation back to the human body most in need of infrared light waves, infiltration of subcutaneous tissue to produce thermal effects.