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School Uniform Fabric Cotton Fabric
- Jun 15, 2017 -

School Uniform Fabric Cotton fabric

According to our many years of experience in the production of custom uniforms, custom uniforms commonly used fabrics can be divided into (synthetic fiber fabric, warp knitted fabrics, cotton fabric) the following three categories, these uniforms require environmentally friendly, non-toxic, comfortable, The students like it. The first category is synthetic fiber fabric fabric is a few years of fashionable fabrics, because of its unique style, color and diverse, easy to wash fast dry, easy care and other advantages, widely used in school uniforms custom industry, products are flowers Yao, Taslan, card Flannel, washed cashmere and so on. The second category is warp fabric warp knitted fabric in our Shanghai school uniforms factory is also a wide range of fabrics, because the fabric fabric fabric elastic, comfortable and smooth, stretch freely, wearing fit and other characteristics, popular students favorite ; Products are gold velvet, cashmere, polyester cover cotton and so on.

The third category is cotton-containing fabric

Cotton fabric with a soft touch, strong sweat, color varieties and more advantages, suitable for sports type of school uniforms customized products are Jinmian cloth, polyester cotton cloth, CVC, and so on. If you need to order school uniforms, according to the above three kinds of fabric characteristics of the introduction to choose the favorite fabric to order school uniform, hope to help you. If you have this problem, or need to order school uniforms please contact us. School uniforms should have the following characteristics: 1, moisturizing 2, health: school uniforms and skin contact without any stimulation, no discomfort, long wear on the human body beneficial harmless, good health performance.

3, heat resistance: washing and dyeing on the fabric have no effect, thus improving the cotton fabric washable wear resistance to wear performance. 4, hygroscopicity: school uniform fabric should have a good hygroscopicity, in normal circumstances, the fiber can be absorbed into the surrounding atmosphere of water, the moisture content of 8-10%, so the fabric student clothes contact with human skin, Make people feel soft and not stiff. If the cotton moisture increases, the ambient temperature is higher, the water content of the fiber will all evaporate away, so that the fabric to maintain water balance state, people feel comfortable.

 1. Product identification failure problem is widespread. As the school uniform products are generally schools instead of students and production enterprises to order their products without the market sales, most manufacturers do not follow the standard requirements for the consumer misleading and a certain degree of deceptive. Through the past two years the organization of the results of random checks: product identification unqualified question accounted for a larger proportion of checks, and even some school uniform products do not have any correct labeling of the logo, reflecting the uniforms and sellers on the importance of the logo Lack of understanding of the serious lack of strict implementation of the standard is still a lack of initiative and consciousness, does not meet GB5296.4-1998 "consumer goods description of the use of textiles and clothing instructions" and the corresponding product standards are more common.