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Satin Fabric
- Nov 08, 2016 -

With satin-weave weaving together, conventional weft density is 173*124CM a density of combed fabric, soft texture, smooth surface, good elasticity, permeability, as a "tribute" tribute the Emperor named. First fabric needs very high density yarns, the second most important is in the process of printing and dyeing of Mercerized and increases the brightness and softness of fabrics. This fabric is smooth and feels good, good technology. This product is 60.

Jacquard fabric

High count and high density pure cotton Jacquard home textile brand bedding styles according to the cultural differences of professional design, exquisite elegance, smooth, bright, refined comfort, moisture absorption. Wide rapier weaving machines and wide projectile weaving machines, fine yarn. Generally speaking, jacquard fabric is woven through the machine spun directly, through different organizational forms, will show the different parts of the pattern. Jacquard pattern with strong cubic effect, pattern enrich. Jacquard fabrics are of high count and high density fabrics, soft, good gloss.

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