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Sanding Printing
- Nov 08, 2016 -

Is a kind of printing, this kind of material in the course of reprocessing, sanding, so a certain velvet to the surface of the fabric, improving the texture of the fabric. So what is the wear wool? Sanding, and sanding. With sanding roller (or) coat the fabric surface grinding process of short, dense hairs, called sanding, sanding, also known. Can make the weft yarn while producing fluff and hair short, dense. Suede flat, plump, soft, rich velvet, soft gloss, no lights. Sanded fabric fluffy, thick, warm performance, falling asleep at night, no other cotton just contact with the human body when cold. Also has the advantage no Pilling, fading, etc. A grinding four-piece set is the weight of a normal four-piece set twice.

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