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Professional Terms
- Nov 08, 2016 -

Warp density

--Fabric length which called warp yarns; its 1-inch yarn ranked number for the key (warp density);

Weft density

--Fabric width which called weft yarns, arranged within 1-inch of yarn for the weft (filling density);


--Used to represent the fabrics of the number of yarns per unit length, generally 1 inch or 10 cm of yarn in several Chinese national standards used within 10 cm of yarn number density, but is still used in textile enterprises in adopting a 1 inch yarn expressed as a number of density. As the commonly seen "45X45/108X58" warp weft respectively 45, Jingwei density of 108, 58.


--The effective width of the fabric, generally used are expressed in inches or centimeters, common 36-inch, 44-inch, 56-60, and so on, called narrow, medium-range and wide, above 60 inches of fabric for extra width, often called a wide cloth and China's wider fabric widths up to 360 cm. Width tag behind the density, such as: 3 material referred to in if the width is expressed as: "45X45/108X58/60", "width of 60 inches.