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Product Express: Trend Alliance Winter Suit Fabric Recommend-Traditonal Plaid Fabric
- Jan 03, 2017 -

 Style Introduction

With the return to the classic retro become popular trend, the classic plaid pattern has become the most eye-catching design element of this season. Designers refer to modern elements of 60s and Punk in 70s, driven by the revival of nostalgia. Designers launched a retro traditional elements more in the young market. The enduring patterns have a strong sense of nostalgia, at the same time, using cotton, linen, polyester fiber blends bring more commercial fabrics




What Product Express recommend is a series of plaid fabric. The plaid fabric with autumn and winter color is the key trend in 17/18 season. Prince Welsh, Lattice pattern and Glen chess board can be in the design of a good shape. Use for a soft jacket style, coat style and traditional suit. There are more innovations in the fabric process with more prominent of nostalgic feelings.

De Fursac



Dress suit jacket fabric material and absorption of retro elements, the appearance of a more casual. Ocean cut worsted wool and wool are the advanced synthetic use of the traditional pattern and match the autumn and winter of traditional color tone, which make the suit setting off a retro trend.

Alasdair Mclellan

Contributor Magazine

Gewen elements not only for the traditional suit style, leisure style in the tolerance of outerwear and accessories (scarf, tie) in the aspects of the new autumn and winter show also appeared in a wide range of application. Make the grid play its unique retro feeling and present a elegant street outfit






Bottega Veneta

Nell Barrett