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Luster Fabric
- Nov 08, 2016 -

Luster fabric refers to the glossy surface of the fabric, due to light reflection effect, so can increase the body's expansion. Commonly used in the design of children's wear shiny fabric children's costumes and costume has a magnificent gloss colour, fabric and light will change as smooth transfer, give the feeling of flow changes. Luster fabric including silk, satin, rayon, leather, coated fabric and so on. Silk, Brocade, silk satin, soft light and delicate, elegant and decorative texture, made for children's costumes and fancy dresses. Leather and coated fabrics, reflecting a very strong, light cold, soft enough, but has a strong visual impact and sense for edgy, urban, futuristic stage performances of children's clothing designs or create effects of children's wear design. Leather garments wind-proof warm, frequently used in children's clothing in winter and spring and fall clothing. Coated fabrics according to the nature of the coating, and coated fabrics used for trench coats and other clothing, fluorescent coating fabrics and more for children's night out outfit. Often used in children's wear design or mix some bright and shiny fabrics, not just for the sake of lively and bright character of the child, but also to allow people to pay more attention to the protection of children, such as children's clothes match some fluorescent colour stripes on, need to identify strong weather, special environment easier to pay attention to the child, so as to avoid danger.