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Linen Woven Fabric Wrinkle Resistance And Poor Wear Resistance
- Jun 08, 2017 -

Linen Woven Fabric Wrinkle resistance and poor wear resistance

Linen fabric on the human body has a good health care, so in the international and domestic markets by more and more consumers of all ages. Has a strong ability to absorb moisture and moisture is not easy to take the role of static electricity and dust.

A fabric made of flax fiber. Modern flax, hemp and other fabrics due to specifications, characteristics, similar processes, but also into this category. With moisture absorption, scattered wet fast, high breaking strength, elongation at break, good water resistance, soft luster, feel more soft and so on. Can be used for clothing, decoration, national defense and industrial and agricultural special cloth. Linen fabric wrinkle resistance and wear resistance is bad, easy to wear at the crease, in the dress before use should first pulp. As the linen fiber uniformity is poor, resulting in poor yarn drying, so the fabric surface has coarse, thin stripes, and even thick and belly yarn, but this is a unique style of linen fabric.

Linen fabric with fine cloth and canvas two categories. Fine cloth to wet spinning long linen yarn-based system, but also useful high-quality combs comb or other short-lin, the combed wet spinning short yarn yarn system. China's production of linen fine cloth mainly pure spinning, bulk products are 22 × 22 public support and 19 × 19 public support linen. Color to bleach the main, there are light variegated or printed cloth. White cloth is mainly used for cutting cloth base cloth. In addition, there are cotton linen weaving interwoven fabric, polyester and linen blended fine cloth and other varieties, wearing a very cool cool, suitable for summer clothing and bed sheets, quilt, handkerchiefs, tablecloths and other home fabrics. There are dry spinning short Ma 6 × 3.5 public flat cloth and coarse cotton, dry spinning short linen weaving plain cloth is also a fine cloth, for low-grade rough clothing, tea towels, napkins and so on. Canvas class to dry spinning short linen yarn-based system. Bulk products for the 6 × 3.5 public canvas, for waterproof canvas, tents, rain cover cloth, gun clothing, tanks and aircraft hoods and other national defense and industrial and agricultural special cloth. To 4 shares of 10 kilograms of wet spinning long hemp yarn for the 12 shares of 7 public dry spinning long hemp yarn for the weaving canvas, can be used as a hose.

Flax fiber fabric has a very good health care function. It has a unique inhibitory effect on bacteria. Flax is a hidden fragrance. Experts believe that this smell can kill many bacteria, and can inhibit the growth of a variety of parasites. The scientific experiment with contact method proved that the linen products had significant bacteriostatic effect, and the antibacterial rate of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Candida albicans and other international standard strains was more than 65%, and the antibacterial activity of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus Antibacterial rate of more than 90%. Ancient Egyptian pharaoh mummies are wrapped in stunning and strong linen cloth, so that it is completely preserved so far.