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Linen Woven Fabric Good Hygroscopicity
- Jul 13, 2017 -

Linen Woven Fabric Good hygroscopicity

Hemp fabric with temperature, anti-allergic, anti-static, anti-bacterial function, because the linen moisture absorption is good, can absorb the equivalent of 20 times its own weight of water, so linen fabric feel dry, and now, wrinkle-free, The emergence of the birth and blended products, the flax products to further expand the market. In the international arena, linen weaving for the shuttle loom and rapier looms, products, including fine and elegant linen handkerchiefs, shirt clothing, crepe, fancy yarn products, sportswear and wool blended products. Household products include: curtains, wall covering, tablecloths, bedding and so on. Industrial products include: canvas, luggage tents, insulation cloth, filter cloth and aviation products.

Flax can be woven with wool, polyester and other fibers or interwoven, forming a unique style, inexpensive textile products.

Woolen Intertwined Cool Fabric: Flax fiber with woolen wool is a new way to achieve the light and coolness of wool fabrics. As the wool fiber and flax fiber in the fineness, elasticity, elongation, curl and other aspects of the nature of the larger differences, blending process more difficult to control, such as flying hair and around the roller serious, broken head, linen more, low production efficiency, Consumption of large, low spinning count, and now often use wool and linen for intertwined, the formation of hair Ma weft of the plain products, due to the structure of double-single weft, smooth and smooth cloth, and smooth and firm. This kind of hairy products used in the meridional density is often formed than the stiff linen yarn weft density, it is mostly hair fiber, so finishing focus on the hair fiber. Wool mixed with cool fabric both wool and linen advantages, and then take the field has a good market.

Flax fiber nonwoven fabric Composite material: Flax fiber nonwoven / unsaturated polyester composite material can be prepared by vacuum assisted resin transfer molding (RTM). Since linen is relatively inexpensive and has a lower density than all inorganic fibers, Modulus and tensile strength similar to the inorganic fiber, in the composite material can be partially replaced with glass fiber as a reinforcing material, flax fiber and glass fiber and carbon fiber, etc., the fiber is soft, through its appropriate degumming treatment, choose reasonable The use of acupuncture processing methods can produce quantitative, fluffy meet the requirements of non-woven fabric reinforced fiber mat, while fiber damage is small, and thickening effect, as a reinforcement material, which has a short production process, without weaving, processing Low cost advantages, is conducive to energy conservation, and environmental protection. Flax fiber is present in the phloem of the stalk, and some of the colloid is removed by the retting leaching degumming, so that the adhesive fiber bundle is partially loose and then pressed and pressed into a " Fiber composition of the process fiber.

After the fiber is harvested with flax, the kneaded rubber is kneaded. Warm water retting hemp water temperature should be controlled between 28 ~ 32 ℃, after about 100 hours after the fish out, the hemp into an umbrella, open to the sun. Rain and retting hemp is the harvest after the stems tiled on the grass or linen, the rain, exposed dip, the use of mold fermentation retting. In the appropriate humidity conditions, 7 to 10 days, the retting of dry stem will be broken, remove the xylem and impurities, combing the fiber, and then by the prime number. Was knocked out of the short hemp called two hemp.