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Linen Woven Fabric China Linen Market Trend
- Jul 31, 2017 -

Linen Woven Fabric China linen market trend

China linen market trend

China's linen market trend of basic and the world market to convergence. From abroad, the Western European linen textile industry has been its raw materials, technology and the advantages of group management, control the world's high yarn and high-grade fabric market, is China's linen products into the world of high-end products in the field of strong opponents; Of the linen textile industry, relying on their own technology and marketing advantages, long-term stability at home and abroad high-level foundation, these countries its product variety, grade and we are close, the price is generally cheaper than we have become China's products in the international market Competitor.

The former Soviet Union is the world's largest producer of flax products, the strength of our most threatening potential rival, with its domestic political and economic situation has stabilized, its products have a considerable part of the flock to the international market, and to Its large quantity, low price, variety and more advantages and we in the world market to carry out a strong competition. Especially in recent years, Western Europe and Eastern Europe, the CIS some flax textile enterprises there has been the momentum of cooperation in production. This is also a serious threat to the development of China's linen products textile industry.

At the same time, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, Canada, Taiwan and other places of the flax manufacturers are also increasing, they take "yarn, weaving, deep processing" strategy, to play a technological advantage, by increasing the value of making money, The competitiveness of the.

From the domestic perspective, China's linen textile enterprises are mostly state-owned enterprises, the planned economy system constraints for a long time, deep impact on the market economy is not suited to seriously affect the quality of enterprise economic development. On the other hand, the market situation is not good when the "price war", the market when the "raw war", the economic benefits of good "overheating" and so on, but also shows that China's linen products industry in the market economy under the conditions of lack of effective Of the control efforts, failed to form an intensive business, the overall advantages of economies of scale, which is the impact of domestic linen textile market fluctuations in the important factors.

To achieve healthy development

Xu Jixiang, president of China Hemp Textile Association, summed up the development of the industry in the first half pointed out that from January to June 2014, the country 287 above the size of linen textile business revenue totaled 23.34 billion yuan, up 5.81% over last year; The total profit was 5.05%, 4.27 percentage points higher than the same period last year. These data can show that the main indicators of linen textile industry steadily, are showing a healthy development trend, but the dyeing and finishing industry due to inventory pressure, sales profit growth rate is negative. This is due to enterprises to increase investment in technological equipment and industrial chain product structure adjustment, and in the consolidation of linen textile demand outside the market, and gradually expand the domestic market share, while China's linen industry associations to increase the industry and business advocacy.