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- Dec 29, 2016 -


December 12th, 2016 China Textile Innovation annual conference held in Beijing. At the meeting, Mr Li Lingshen, the vice president of China National Textile And Apparel Council, the president of China Nonwovens&industrial Textiles Association, made a speech about "the road of scientific and technological development" with name of "new technology, new products, new contributions” . He introduced the key breakthrough of China's industrial textiles industry in the development of new products and made outstanding contribution in the "12th Five-Year" period ; discussed the industry in the strategic new materials, environmental protection, health care, emergency and public safety, infrastructure construction and innovation of civil military integration etc on the "13th Five-Year" period.


During the "12th Five-Year", the industrial textile industry achieved rapid economic development. By the end of 2015, the same caliber industrial textiles industry total industrial output value of more than 68.9% growth in 2010, an average annual increase of 11.1%; fiber processing volume of 13 million 410 thousand T, an increase of 63.2% over 2010, an average annual increase of 10.3%, the total amount of textile fiber processing industry proportion reached 25.3%; total exports amounted to $20 billion 740 million, an increase of 80% over 2010; above scale enterprises the profit rate of 6.12%, 1 percentage points higher than in 2010; over the scale of nonwovens production is 4 million 400 thousand T, more than 155% growth in 2010. At the same time in the new technology, new products have also made remarkable achievements. Li Lingshen used the prize enterprises in 2016 from China National Textile And Apparel Council as examples , introduced the filter materials for the innovation and development of textiles and textile structure of flexible composite materials in environmental governance, electromagnetic shielding materials in military weapons and equipment and the application of medical and public health.


"13th Five-Year" period, fiber composites and other new materials, industrial textiles, textiles, air pollution water treatment and pollution control of soil pollution with textiles, textile, medical textiles, health smart textiles, textiles, rehabilitation nursing to prevent and respond to natural disasters, prevention and emergency textiles the disposal of production safety accidents of textiles and deal with public safety and health events, textiles, international and domestic key projects supporting the use of textiles, "The Belt and Road" along with textile industry transfer and apply "conversion" and "army" and "military and civilian integration related industries will become the focus of the development directions of textiles.


When it comes to the development of textile industry, the future of the industry Li Lingshen said, "to maintain rapid and stable growth of industry in 13th Five-Year" period, enterprises above scale industrial added value of the average annual growth of 9%, total fiber processing industry average annual growth of more than 8% in the total textile fiber processing industry accounted for 33%; markedly improved the ability of independent innovation, R & D investment backbone hundred enterprises accounted for the proportion of sales revenue increased from 1.9% in 2015 to 2.5% in 2020; environmental protection textiles, textile engineering architecture and main technology of bio based functional textiles reached the advanced level in the world; to further optimize the industrial structure, improve the quality and efficiency, enhance the ability of sustainable development, foster a number of internationally influential industry textile enterprise group.


According to reports, the global market will continue to grow, is expected in 2020 global fiber processing volume will reach 100 million T, Chinese industrial textile fiber processing volume will be more than 20 million T applications, each terminal will become more complex. The prospect of the development of industry innovation, Li Lingshen said: "different properties and end uses to create the market exploration of the product is very important to the development direction of the industry, so we have to" wide application and unlimited substitution ", let textile become familiar stranger, continue to meet the new field of textile and new competitors, and the biggest competitive advantage will come from you with the development of new products and the ability of customers and suppliers. The future, China industrial textiles will promote in the market, through technological innovation, new product development, quality and efficiency, make up the short board, grade, fast towards the high-end."