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- Nov 08, 2016 -

After tanning of animal fur. It is used for making fashion, winter clothes. Can be divided into two categories: one is leather, the leather after hair treatment. Second, fur, leather belt that is processed hair. It has the advantages of light and warm, elegant. Its disadvantage is that the price is expensive, requires high storage, care, and should not be universal.

Chemical fiber

Is the abbreviation of chemical fibers. It is the use of polymer raw materials made of fiber textiles. Usually it is divided into two categories artificial fibers and synthetic fibers. Their mutual advantage is colorful, soft, draping crisp, smooth and comfortable. Their disadvantage is abrasion resistance, heat resistance, moisture absorption and ventilation is poor, heat deformation, prone to static electricity. Although it can be used to make all types of clothing, but the overall level is not high, and educationalists.


Is natural and man made fibres according to a certain proportion of mixture of textile fabrics, can be used to make all kinds of clothing. Its strengths are absorbing cotton, linen, silk, wool and chemical fiber's advantages, avoiding as much as possible their respective weaknesses, and relatively low in value, so popular.


Modal (Modal) is a high-wet-modulus viscose rayon, cellulose fibres, fibre raw materials using the European beech wood, first be made into pulp, then through special spinning process for processing into fibers ... The ingredients are all natural materials, harmless to human body and biodegradable and harmless to the environment. Features a luxury natural fiber Modal fiber texture and practicality of synthetic fibers combined. Soft with cotton, silk-gloss, smooth, and its water-absorbing, breathable performance is better than cotton, has a higher uptake rate, fabric colors are bright and full of energy. Modal fibers can be used with a variety of fibres, weaving, such as cotton, linen, silk, and so on, to enhance the quality of the cloth, can keep a soft, smooth fabric, characteristics of their fiber, to achieve better results.