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Identification Of Performance
- Nov 08, 2016 -

Correct analysis to identify the fabric properties and used in clothing design is accurate and every designer needs to have a basic understanding and recognition errors may cause the entire garment or fabric design, production, link problems such as wear or washing. Fabrics include fabric raw material and the recognition, appearance appearance quality of recognition and identification, and so on. Observations identify fabric not only visually, but also hearing, touch and even smell. As using eyes of Visual effect watch fabric of gloss shade, dyeing situation, surface weight and organization, lines and fiber of appearance features, like pure cotton gloss General, appearance enough fine clean, rough even has cotton knot impurities, wool and polyester blended of woolen gloss more bright, has Flash color sense, body bone slightly moved hard and lost of soft, and with polyester content of increased and obviously highlight. Lack a sense of soft and smooth, the fabric square. Smooth, smooth; use of Visual effects can feel fabrics and fibers of soft and hard, smooth, weight, elasticity, such as heating and cooling, with the hand can also measure the strength and elongation of fiber in the yarn.

Different fabrics have different permeability, moisture absorption, thermal properties, has good air permeability and moisture absorption of cotton fabric, comfortable, warm and good, is the best children's clothing fabrics. Choose fabrics to confirm fabric breathability, thermal insulation, moisture absorption, such as electrostatic properties, square of fabric, weight, softness and drapability to consider it appropriate to do the kind of styling, what kind of style.