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Bird Eyd And Pique Fabric Leather Materials
- Jun 15, 2017 -

Bird Eyd and Pique Fabric Leather materials

First, leather leather is cattle, sheep, pigs, horses, deer or some other animal body stripped of the original skin, leather factory tanning process, made of various characteristics, strength, feel, color, pattern leather materials, Essential materials for modern leather products. Among them, leather, sheepskin and pig skin is used in the three leather raw materials. Dermis is divided into two categories: the first layer of skin and two layers.

(A) the first layer of skin: is a grain of cattle, sheep, pigskin, leather surface with natural scars and blood tendons, etc., and occasionally there are processing stab wounds and low utilization of the belly area , The first layer of imported leather and the number of cattle brand. Full grain dough can be distinguished from the thickness of the pores and the density of what kind of animal leather. More types of cowhide, such as dairy cows, beef cattle, grazing cowhide, cow leather, bull leather, unrated castles and castrated bull skins. In our country there are brown leather, buffalo leather, yak leather and leather and so on. Among them, the buffalo skin pores thick and sparse; yellow leather is smaller than the buffalo pores and dense. Sheepskin pores are more detailed and more dense and a little slope, mainly sheep and goatskin two categories. Pigskin because of the rules of the long hair is 3 to 5 a handful of distribution, it is easy to distinguish, generally more commonly used pigskin, as well as wild boar, famous is the South American wild boar, this wild boar skin has a more obvious Pig skin pores and grain characteristics, due to its special collagen fiber tissue structure, can be processed into a very soft clothing leather or gloves leather, high value.

The first layer of skin is made of a variety of animal raw skin directly processed, or on the thicker cortex of cattle, pigs, horses and other animal skin after hair removal cut into two layers, the upper part of the fibrous tissue is processed into a variety of head Layer skin.

(B) of the two layers of skin: the fibrous tissue is more loose part of the second layer, the chemical spray or coated with PVC, PU film processing.

Therefore, an effective way to distinguish between the first layer of skin and the second layer of skin is to observe the skin longitudinal profile fiber density. The first layer of skin by the dense and thin fiber layer and closely connected with the slightly loose layer of the common composition, with good strength, flexibility and process plasticity and so on. The second layer of skin is only loose fibrous tissue layer, only in the spraying of chemical raw materials or polishing can be used to make leather products, it maintains a certain degree of natural elasticity and process plasticity characteristics, but the strength is poor, the thickness requirements with the first layer The same skin.

(1) matte skin: the leather surface polishing, and the grain scar or rough fiber abrasion, exposed neatly run the leather fiber tissue and then dyed a variety of popular colors from the first layer of skin;