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2016 Year - End Summary And Celebration Party Of Qingdao Riger Textile
- Jan 23, 2017 -

Qingdao Riger Textile Company took the 2016 Year-end summary and celebration Party on 19th,Jan, 2017.

Ms. PAN had a speech in this party, she concluded that 2016 year was a extraordinary year.  Although China's international trade has been declining since 2015, textile raw materials cost were rising and the spending power of various markets was declining,  Qingdao Riger Textile in 2016 has achieved a total sales target of US $ 45 million.

Sales were up 12.5% compared to 2015, but were significantly lower than 2014 sales of $ 49 million. Ms. PAN once again stressed the quality of products as the core, customer satisfaction as the goal of strategic thinking. 2017 the international market situation is more complex, Qingdao Riger textile must be higher standards of their own, in order to continue in the international trade in the corresponding market.

   In the party, the leader of International Trade department made a report to Ms. Pan for overall work in 2016. The International Trade Department has always been to tooling fabric as the core products, the maintenance of the Southeast Asian market, to ensure that the company's core products in mature markets continue to maintain market share in 2016. At the same time, Qingdao Riger Textile gradually developed a shirt fabric as the core of the linen fabric, spandex fabric, jersey fabric. In 2017, the International Trade Department will continue to consolidate the existing market, and gradually the development of shirt fabric into focus. The International Trade department, after completing its work report, carried out a declaration of its objectives for 2017. Qingdao Riger Textile International Trade department will be completed 55 million US dollars sales target, to ensure that Southeast Asia, Europe, North America market share in 2017. At the same time, the establishment of the International Trade South American Trade Group, set up a South American market as the core of the sales team, in order to open the fabric market in South America.

After the work report, Qingdao Riger textile conducted a staff speech contest. Speech Contest invited Qingdao University professor and Qingdao successful entrepreneur for the judges, the player's speech to score.  This year the theme of our speech is "Innovation · Stay" and the core idea is the Internet transformation and upgrading of Qingdao Riger Textile.

In the end, Jiecun Wang conquered the judges with impassioned speeches, and finally made the speech contest the first.

Qingdao Riger textile celebration party was held on the evening on 19th,Jan to thank all the colleagues for their efforts during the year. We also invited Qingdao partners to participate in the dinner together to watch the show. In the party, all colleagues prepared a singing program, dance programs, sitcoms, recitation and dubbing and other programs, full of friends, delicious dishes, release the past year's fatigue.

In 2017, although it has been nearly a month, but the Chinese calendar of the New Year is January 27.Our New Year is approaching, the New Year before the end of this year's work for us to draw a satisfactory conclusion.

The following year, we will continue to struggle in the international trade of uniform fabric, maintain our existing market and continue to expand.

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