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100% Cotton Woven Fabric One Of The Most Commonly Used Fabrics
- Jul 31, 2017 -

100% Cotton Woven Fabric One of the most commonly used fabrics

Cotton fabric, also known as cotton, cotton yarn as raw materials weaving fabric. Cotton fabric with excellent performance to become one of the most commonly used fabrics, widely used in apparel fabrics, decorative fabrics and industrial fabrics. With the in-depth development of textile printing and dyeing, cotton fabric varieties increasingly rich, appearance and performance and grades are also rising.

Due to the development of chemical fiber, there have been cotton chemical fiber, its length (usually about 38 mm) and other physical properties in line with the requirements of cotton spinning, cotton spinning equipment or cotton fiber blended, such fiber fabric and cotton Fabrics are collectively referred to as cotton fabrics. 

Production editor

The production of cotton fabrics includes spinning, weaving and dyeing and finishing. The process of spinning and weaving is the process of mechanically processing textile fibers into yarns and fabrics. The dyeing and finishing process is a chemical process and a part of the physical mechanical method The re-processing of the fiber products, through the finishing process, can improve the performance of fiber and its products and improve its appearance.

Key Features Editor

Cotton fabric low price, wide application, is a better underwear, baby equipment and summer fabrics, but also the public Hua Chunqiu fabric. The main characteristics of cotton fabric mainly as follows:

(1) has good hygroscopicity and breathability, comfortable to wear;

(2) feel soft, soft luster, simple;

(3) good warmth, good performance;

(4) good dyeing, bright color, chromatography complete, but the color fastness is not good enough;

(5) alkali is not acid, concentrated alkali treatment can make the fabric section of the fiber round, thereby enhancing the fabric luster, that mercerizing effect

(6) light resistance is better, but a long time exposure will cause fading and strong decline;

(7) elasticity is poor, easy to produce wrinkles and creases difficult to reply;

(8) pure cotton fabric easy moldy, metamorphic, but resistant to insects.

Cotton fabric, also known as cotton, cotton fiber as raw material for the fabric.

Cotton fabric with strong water absorption, wear and wash, soft and comfortable, winter wearing a good warm, summer wearing a cool breath, cotton fabric with its excellent performance and become one of the most commonly used children's clothing materials, is the most popular children's wear fabric. But its elasticity is poor, shrinkage is large, easy to wrinkle. Cotton fabric color is generally more vivid, mostly used for children summer, casual wear, underwear, sportswear and so on.

Disadvantages of editing

Poor acid resistance, poor flexibility, shrinkage, easy to wrinkle, easy mold, such as prolonged contact with the sun, strong reduction, the fiber will become brittle, but resistant to insects, is the ideal underwear material, is inexpensive Of the public coat.

Variety editor

One, flat cloth

Plain cloth refers to plain cloth. Generally used by the same or different latitude and longitude, latitude and longitude is also very close, positive and negative there is no obvious difference. Therefore, the plain weft to the strong balance, and because of the frequent intertwined, so durable, smooth cloth, but the gloss is poor, lack of flexibility. According to the yarn thickness can be divided into medium cloth, coarse cloth, fine cloth.

Second, spinning

Spinning is made of 60 to 100 of the special carded cotton yarn or polyester / cotton blended yarn made of plain weave fabric, due to thin texture, and silk in the textile fabric similar, hence the name. The cloth is clean and smooth, thin like silk, but more than silk. Fine woven fabric feel soft, compact structure, the mercerized finishing, the luster is particularly soft, feel smooth, breathable and breathable, comfortable to wear.