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100% Cotton Woven Fabric Heat Resistance
- Oct 10, 2017 -

100% Cotton Woven Fabric Heat resistance

Artificial cotton is commonly known as viscose fiber staple fiber. The viscose fiber refers to the α-cellulose extracted from the cellulose raw material such as wood and plant stem, or cotton fiber as raw material, processed into spinning liquid and then wet-spinning; The cotton is cotton as raw material. Artificial cotton fabric appearance and cotton cloth is very similar, so most people are not easy to distinguish, this article Hangzhou to share the distinction between artificial cotton and cotton 8 methods.

Artificial cotton is characterized by good dyeability, bright and fastness, wearing comfortable, resistant to alkali, moisture and cotton close. Disadvantages are not acid, resilient and poor fatigue resistance, low wet strength. Can be pure spinning, but also with polyester and other chemical fiber blends. Cotton cloth is characterized by: 1) cotton fiber has a good hygroscopicity. Under normal circumstances, cotton fiber can absorb moisture to the surrounding atmosphere, its moisture content of 8% --- 10%, so when the body's skin contact, feel soft and comfortable. If the moisture in the cotton fiber increases, and the surrounding temperature is high, the cotton fiber moisture will evaporate all. So that cotton fabric to maintain the level of state, the same people feel comfortable. 2) cotton cloth heat resistance is good. At temperatures below 110 ° C, only the moisture on the fabric will evaporate and the fibers will not be damaged. Therefore, the use of cotton fiber at room temperature for use at room temperature, washing and so on will not affect the fabric. The heat resistance also improves the durable washability of cotton fabrics. 3) cotton fiber resistance to alkali strong. In the alkaline solution, the cotton fiber does not break the phenomenon, reflecting the cotton fiber alkali resistance. So it is beneficial to use after the contamination of the washing as well as disinfecting the impurities. 4) cotton fiber also reflects the health. Cotton fiber is a natural fiber, the main component is a small amount of natural wax and a small amount of waxy substances and nitrogen, pectin, by testing and practice, cotton fiber and skin contact without any stimulation and side effects, long-term use beneficial to the human body , Its health performance is good.

The appearance of artificial cotton fabric is very similar to pure cotton cloth, the difference is mainly from the following 8 points: 1, finish. Artificial cotton fabric, cloth smooth, very few yarn defects, no impurities, fine and smooth; and cotton cloth surface can be seen cotton shell, impurities, etc., finish than artificial cotton fabric. 2, yarn uniformity. Artificial cotton fabric yarn branch dry evenly, yarn defects rarely; and cotton cloth yarn as dry cotton fabric evenly, especially in the coarse cloth is more obvious. 3, feel. Artificial cotton fabric, whether thick and thin fabric, feel more soft, and cotton cloth slightly rough feeling. 4, color. Artificial cotton fabric gloss and color are good, compared with cotton, artificial cotton fabric is more beautiful and beautiful. 5, wrinkle. Artificial cotton fabric is easy to wrinkle, when the hand clutched a cloth, spread, there are a lot of wrinkles, it is not easy to timely recovery, although the cotton cloth wrinkles, but slightly more than artificial cotton. 6, drape. Artificial cotton fabric drape is better, pure cotton drape as artificial cotton fabric. 7, strong. The strength of the artificial cotton fabric is lower than that of the pure cotton cloth, especially in the humid environment. When the fastness of the artificial cotton is poor, when compared with the spinning, buoyant. 8, burning. Artificial cotton close to the flame, burning quickly, as we burn the same black smoke and curl melting, the higher the cotton content, the stronger the texture of the glue. Cotton close to the flame, not shrink not melt, contact with the flame, burning quickly, the flame orange, blue smoke. Leave the flame, continue to burn, burning paper from the ashes, was linear. Gray at the end of soft, light gray, hand touch easily into powder.