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Wool textile raw materials
- Nov 08, 2016 -

Goat hair

Goat is the goat shearing shag and dead hair. General goat hair is very short, not spinning, coarse only brushes, brushes and the like, with mohair exception. Mohair that Angola mountain wool, produced Yu Turkey of Angola province, North America and South Asia, to, is a quality hair fiber, surface smooth, very less curling, long and rough, has silk like of soft is strong of gloss, excellent of back elastic, wear sex and high strength, is weaving business Jacquard blankets, and hairy velvet, and Shun hair overcoating, and artificial fur, senior fabric of ideal raw materials. Thick knit hand-knitted mohair sweater, studded with soft as silk as a mist-like fibers, constitute a noble, lively and straightforward style, very popular. Zhongwei goat wool in Northwest China also belongs to mohair class. But in the market, it was styled fluffy Pan bulk known as "mohair" sold misleading kind of Pan bulk, at best, can only be called a "faux mohair".

Alpaca wool

Alpaca (ALPACA), also known as "camel wool" fiber up to 20-40 cm, white, Brown, gray, black, and other colors, 90% in Peru, also known as the "Peru wool". Its two varieties, is a fiber with silvery Sheen, another fiber, straight and curly little mohair luster, often mixed with other fibers, used to produce high-end quality materials. Alpaca wool on the market, mostly in Eastern Europe.