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Wool concept and logo
- Nov 08, 2016 -

In the market, it is common to see wool products are "pure wool" or "100%" wool two types of signs, some people think "pure wool" is equivalent to "100% wool", but it isn't. Literally say "pure wool" is 100% wool. But in fact, in the process of production, in order to improve fiber textile properties, so that the fabric is more durable, products often have to add some non-wool fibers of polyester or nylon. Joining the amount of standard is expressly provided for in ... In this way, we'll see. Wool 100% wool products are not marked pure wool products, it is has joined non-wool fibers under the provisions, which should be higher than 100% wool products at low prices.

In short, buy roses in the booming market of wool textiles, we used to see, touch, ask and comparative approach that seeks to identify, but from the price analysis. Of course, the safest thing is to increase understanding of the product.