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What’s the best shirting?
- May 31, 2017 -

What’s the best shirting?

Every body has the different requirements for shirting, somebody likes 100% cotton, some others like blended shirting,and the others like polyester shirting and so on. How can we to judge the shirt fabrics? In my view it should focus on its all kinds of features including wearing life, washing life, visual perception,wearing handfeel etc. Let me introduce below shirting for you.

the best shirting fabrics

First of all, Pure cotton shirting. 100% cotton shirt fabrics are made of natural “cotton”,Which features wearing comfortable, softness,wicking. Especially for the people of skin allergy, They are the ones who should wear the pure cotton shirts most, as only the pure cotton shirting are 100% safe for the skin and will not cause allergy.
The following one is polyester cotton shirting. It’s blended at certain percentage by cotton fiber and polyester fiber ( of course the price is higher with more cotton content). Polyester cotton fabric not only get all the advantages of these fibers, but also avoid their respective disadvantages. It’s also the highest usage fabrics with good features not easy to deformation/wrinkle/stain/discolour. Some of quality polyester cotton fabrics has higher function and it will be choosed to make senior shirts.
Another good shirting is Linen fabric. Since the linen shirting has super characteristic of breathable, hygroscopic and refreshing, leaving it as breath freely textiles. Linen shirting is called aristocratic shirting, because many brand shirts are made of linen fabrics. On the other hand, linen shirting has some defects like easy to deformation/Wrinke/Stain/Discoulor, which makes it hard for clothing care.
The globally recognized luxury shirting is silk fabrics, it shows nature beautiful sheen.Silk shirting with high weight is always the preferred choice for leading luxury shirts. Silk shirt brings gentleman a majestic and elegant look, so it’s the well-deserved shirting in the world.

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