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Harvest Golds—Upcoming trend directions at SPINEXPOTM Shanghai for SS18
- Jan 15, 2017 -


Continuing with the concept of explaining the meaning of colours, SPINEXPOTM will focus on an assembly of tones ranging from all shades of yellows, ochres, deep chestnuts and rich brown pigments, including glimmers of metallic, such as gold, bronze and warm copper.

Following up with our presentation of the major colours of the prism: violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red, and having already introduced a presentation of Green (Green is the Colour), and Red/Pink (Red is the colour), we are now focusing on a range of yellows and all colours deriving from it.

Once again in partnership with British universities, Nottingham Trent University and Winchester School of Arts, SPINEXPOTMwill present the students’ interpretation of the meaning of the colour Yellow and its derivatives, applying their own understanding to woven cotton, woven poly,woven linen,knitted and printed swatches, banners, garments, accessories and other objects.

Printing, Ikat techniques, spray painting and pigment dyes will be experimented with, as well as the use of metallic fibres and yarns from SPINEXPO exhibitors. Metallic fibres are important in this presentation as they provide strong conductivity of heat and electricity, relating closely to the new generation of products on the textile horizon. Our long-term partner exhibiting company Meadowbrook Inventions, from the USA, is supplying many metallic fibres to both universities and we will discover what both universities make of them.

The display will be complemented by specific research on the use of natural dyes. A presentation of various proposals made with yarns from a selection of our exhibitors, particularly those involved in recycling, sustainability and the use of natural dyes.  In partnership with Tarum, a Bali based eco-friendly weaving unit with natural dyeing in house, some skeins and ribbons of fibres have been dyed in the selected colours of the project and used in craftwork by Balilab, a French studio installed in Bali, Indonesia.

Many of our designers have participated in this presentation, bringing their creativity to knitted and woven banners, swatches and garments.  


Once again, SPINEXPO maintains its commitment to provide a deeper understanding to everything that surrounds textiles; different meanings of colour relating to world geography, religion, culture and everyday life.


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