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Uniqlo's design director, actually he is a Japanese professionals of uniform design
- Jun 06, 2017 -

Uniqlo's design director, actually he is a Japanese professionals of uniform design

You may think of many scenes in the Japanese drama at mention of handsome, elegant uniforms. Japan is a truly uniformed country, from primary school to high school and even university, from small restaurants to large enterprises, from courier companies to museums, regardless of size, uniforms has become a unique fashion culture in Japan.

Many Japanese uniforms come from the designer's hand, and it is impossible to ignore the name - Naoki Takizawa among of many well-known uniforms. He entered the Issey Miyake in 1982, as creative director from 1993 to 2006. He also briefly took over the designer of US fashion brand Helmut Lang in 2010, but again became the UNIQLO design director in 2011.

During his absence of Issey Miyake in 2006, just like his mentor Issey Miyake, Takizawa had set up his own independent studio in Tokyo. Takizawa is good at design by using innovative fabrics and some unusual materials, in 2007 his first Outer clothing series are very popular in New York.

In addition to the curiosity of various innovative materials, as well as elegant tailoring skills, Takizawa cares more about the daily wear, it should be easy to maintain and with high wear resistance. Outside of fashion, he extended his creating scopes to uniforms, as the uniforms designing can met his understanding of daily wear.

He has been designing uniforms for the staff of museums, restaurants, hospitals and transportation system.

In fact, as early as Issey Miyake at the helm of design, Steve Jobs had commissioned them designing a uniform suit for himself, one for routine wear conveniently, one for passing on a symbolic style, his iconic black high collar sweater is exactly from Takizawa's own hand.

  The East Japan Railway Company launched "Four Seasons Island" ultra-luxury sleeper train before, Takizawa designed two types of winter & summer uniforms for all of employees, including train dispatchers, engineers and flight attendants, in a total of more than 20 styles. Each uniform was taken into account the different functions of the working way of staff in design process.

Uniqlo's design director, actually he is a Japanese professionals of uniform design2.jpg

"Four Seasons Island" ultra-luxury sleeper train crew uniforms

He has also designed a staff uniform for a century-old Japanese Yanmar Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of marine diesel engines, construction, agricultural and generator sets, which has extremely demanding for wear resistance of work clothes.

In ensuring the premise of this element, Takizawa has also spent a little thought on self-tailoring and implanting fashion elements. coffee color piece suit with the belt, collar and cuffs have made special design, Even the waist tool kit and outdoor sun hat are continue uniform style, matched with a pair of dark gold high boots, it makes the blue-collar workers modern up.

Japan Yanmar Co., Ltd. staff uniforms


And the staff uniforms designed for the Senri rehabilitation hospital, although it still follow the most common white hospital care color, but the suits tailoring uniform of male version, the high swing low on both sides of the split design of female uniforms, are out of a long-lasting old image of the uniforms of health care workers.


Senri rehabilitation hospital staff uniforms


He has a uniform designing experience, "the most important thing is to let the staff feel comfortable in wearing a uniform, with the function to determine the style.



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