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The turnover of cotton fabrics will continue to grow
- Mar 21, 2017 -

 23.jpg In recent days, The hangers of spring 100% cotton fabrics are launched in the China Textile City market, the products variety increasing locally, the sold for batches keep growing. the transaction price is basical stable, slightly higher at some aspect.


Due to weaving factories and processing enterprises increase the operating machines rate, the output of spring cotton fabrics has a little risen than before. Some micro-enterprises are relatively lack of operating machine rate, so they are limited to undertake orders. In the view of current sale situation of 100% cotton grey fabrics, the price will be a little rise in future.


The marketing for 100% cotton finished fabrics are continue to spread, and preparing works on connecting the downstream market increase than previous years. From the perspective of marketing situation, the common products like spring cotton workwear twill, cotton poplin, cotton canvas and cotton denim are increasing locally, some dyeing cotton twill and cotton denim has dealt for many batches. It becomes one of the most popular cotton fabrics for the yarn dyed stripe cotton fabrics , and a flagship product in small batch transactions.


For most of student uniforms, work clothes, and professional dressing cotton fabrics,  they are usually made from dyeing machine or pad dyeing.



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