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The Magic Energy Pool of Fashion designer’s: VStitcher 3D Garment Software
- Feb 28, 2017 -

3D software technology + clothing design - VStitcher, For people who hear it firstly, presumably still very strange, what is it? What to do with the design can bring what kind of change? Next, let us take a look at how VStitcher VStitcher is a three-dimensional design software for the vertical field of clothing and an industry-leading 3D virtual prototyping tool that makes it easy to convert 2D versions to realistic 3D virtual prototypes that can be done before the physical samples have been made Development and sharing of virtual samples, VStitcher 3D virtual technology like a fashion designer magic pool, do not cost a line, you can design the perfect three-dimensional presentation.

Skill 1: 2D 3D version of the rapid import switch

VStitcher can be 2D version of the import, compatible board design software seamless docking the current mainstream 2D board design software, as long as the dxf file, you can import into the VStitcher for 3D modeling.

In the flat version of the changes made, the 3D interface will be directly synchronized to modify the effect, whether it is the overall profile or local details of the adjustment, for the technical staff to modify the version to provide an intuitive and accurate basis, and fast, efficient and effective To change the way. At the same time, reduce the cost and time of modification of the sample making, improve the accuracy of the version type and the efficiency of internal development communication.

Skills 2: dynamic and static 3D humanoid size optionalBuilt-in perfect 3D model library: male, female, children, babies, pregnant women, etc., according to the design needs, adjust the man's more than 100 parts of the size, custom-specific units, tailor-made clothing; A number of different postures are available for selection, and can be adjusted to different groups of people, including plastic units; and can be directly into the scanning of a good man.

Skills 3: powerful process details simulation technology


VStitcher also has a powerful process simulation capability.

able to express the effect of different dividing lines and sewing, and can show the inside of the dividing line and fabric.

can quickly specify the fabric and embroidery, which can also be based on the actual texture of the fabric in the VStitcher rotation, zoom, color adjustment, and intuitive in the 3D interface to adjust the location of embroidery, size, angle.

can be combined with the characteristics of the fabric, the data set the table to calculate the effect of realistic dressing, and fold drape effect.

In the VStitcher can also open the PS directly to the printing and Logo changes, through the seamless integration of the operation, instantly see 2D and 3D intuitive synchronization to change the effect, so as to obtain more realistic 3D model. To help designers more intuitive to convey the design concept to help technical staff, decision-makers more effective and accurate decision, cross-departmental communication between the more efficient.

Clothing "fast fashion" and the continuous development of personalized custom clothing, clothing enterprises in a shorter period of time to design and produce more products to meet the growing consumer demand for purchase. The application of 3D technology can effectively reduce the time of product design and development, save the cost of modifying the design and make the kind of clothing, and reduce the R & D cost to improve the design creativity and internal communication efficiency. The traditional clothing R & D design is cumbersome, Scattered the process, integrated into an intuitive 3D digital process. For the costume designer, it can be described as "a move in hand, tailored, private custom all have".


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