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The general trend of China's textile industry will remain stable and increased in 2017
- Jan 10, 2017 -

At present, China's textile industry is in the process of accelerating the construction of textile power, the general trend of China's textile industry will remain stable and increased in 2017.

Reporters on the 5th from the China Textile Industry Federation was informed, China's textile industry in 2016 to maintain stable operation, easing steady, steady and well, China's textile industry is still an important force to support the entire national economy.

The latest statistics show before November 2016, China's textile industry enterprises above designated size industrial added value increased by 5.2%, lower than the growth rate of 1.2 percentage points a year earlier. At the same time, the entire industry focus on the quality of the area is stable and good operation, the first 11 months of the above-scale textile enterprises sales profit margin higher than 0.02 percentage points a year earlier.

In the cotton policy of timely adjustment, cotton prices generally stable circumstances, the Chinese textile industry in 2016 is expected to increase year on year growth of about 5.5%, main business revenue growth of about 4%; Or have narrowed.

According to reports, 2017 is to promote China's textile power construction of the key year. 2017 world economic growth is expected to be higher than 2016, the world economy continues to improve will become an important background for the development of China's textile industry. At the same time, China's domestic supply side of the structural reform in depth, macroeconomic stability for the better, which will become an important support for the development of the industry as a whole.

  Under the new situation, in 2017, China's textile industry will make full use of the international and domestic markets and resources, promote innovation and development based on technological innovation, and promote the development of lean manufacturing in the direction of intelligent manufacturing, thus accelerating the pace of building textile power. 

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