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Textile and garment enterprises still need to focus on the safety of combustion
- Apr 01, 2017 -

In 2016 the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recalled 13 cases of textile and garment products, down 31.6%, of which 4 cases of Chinese textile and apparel products, compared with 15 years of recalled my textile and garment 13 cases compared to a decline of nearly 7 Into the United States CPSC textile and apparel products in China recall the history of the lowest.

 Textile and garment enterprises still need to focus on the safety of combustion

From the origin of the recalled textile and apparel products, 13 cases reported in 2016, involving 10 countries, of which 4 cases in China, accounting for 30.8%; India 2 cases, accounting for 15.4%; Thailand, Pakistan, Vietnam, Salvador , Guatemala, Mauritius 1 case, respectively, 7.7%; In addition, Portugal and Tunisia as the same batch of men's T-shirt origin was informed in 1 case.

From the recalled textile and apparel products, clothing 10 cases, accounting for 76.9%; scarves in 2 cases, accounting for 15.4%; infant sleeping bags in 1 case, 7.7%.

There are two types of risks from the point of view of all recalled textile and clothing: the risk of burning and the risk of small parts falling off. Which accounted for 9% of the risk of combustion, accounting for 69.2%, textile and garment risk of combustion damage, does not meet the US federal regulations 16 CFR 1610 "clothing textile flammability standards" and 16 CFR 1615 and 1616 "children's pajamas flammability standards" Parts out of the risk of suffocation 4 cases, accounting for 30.8%, mainly under the age of 3 infants and young children clothing easy to fall off the buttons, small balls, beads small pieces will lead to children eating asphyxia, in violation of the US federal regulations 16 CFR 1501 " Whether toys or other items used by children under 3 years of age are caused by suffocation, aspiration, and pharynation of children due to small parts. "

Through comprehensive analysis, the United States in 2016, the reasons for the recall of textile and apparel products are mainly concentrated in the combustion risk, up to nearly 7 percent. To this end, inspection and quarantine departments to remind: enterprises should be highly concerned about the US textile and garment-related combustion standards, such as all kinds of fabric, cotton woven fabric, poly cotton fabric, poly fabric; all into the United States adult and children's clothing should be consistent with 16 CFR 1610 "Garment Textile Flammability Standard" provides more than two levels of combustion characteristics, such as For children's pajamas are required to meet the more stringent 16CFR 1615 and 1616 requirements, that requires pajamas by the vertical test, the damage length of not more than 445px, continued burning time of less than 10 seconds. It is recommended that the production of large samples before the clothing, send the appropriate detection mechanism for the detection of combustion performance, so as to avoid the product combustion performance indicators are not up to lead to foreign notification, export returns, and even huge claims of life damage.


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