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Overview of foreign trade in Jan to october,2016
- Jan 03, 2017 -

From January to October,2016, the volum of our nation textile clothing foreign trade reaching to $2413.6 billion, fell 5.9% from a year earlier, which exports value is $2222.9 billion, drop 5.4%,and imports $190.7 billion goods, drop 10.9%, that left a surplus for the month of $2032.2 billion, drop 4.9%.

Prices drop results to negative growth rising
At the start of the fourth quarter, there is still no sign of recover for textile clothing trade, with import and export figures consecutive decling for 6 months ,5 month separately.Although US dollar continued appreciating over renminbi is beneficial to exports, but the price of dollar-denominated commodities retreat, the export price of most key commodities are sliping in varying degree , export price index fell 9.2% during the october, and the export quantity has kept basic par compared with the same period last year,with a little decline. Imports fell is due to both quantity and price drop.

Both exports of the General trade and processing trade are falling, while market purchasing keep growing.
In October, the way of main export trade still continued to decline, and further double-digit decline. The export of General trade and processing trade were down 10.2% and 20.9% respectively compared to a year earlier, the other trade way which mainly focusing on market procurement is the only way of effectively pulling exports , leading an increase of 47.9% during the month.
From January to October, general trade and processing trade exports fell by 4.8% and 17.4% respectively; Market procurement trade has a growth of 31.6%, accounting for further 5.9%.

In addition, with the rising of cotton price, the price of relavan cotton rich products such as high quality workwear, uniforms and poly cotton fabrics will have little raise.


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