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Singeing Machine Operating Instructions
- Feb 21, 2017 -


 1. Clean up the singeing machine before using, especially wiping clean the oil stains, fabric plush, dust etc on the burner and guide shaft.

Check if the equipment is operating properly or not.

Penalize RMB 20 every time if the cleaning can not meet the standard.

2. Check that liquefied gas and spare fule are abundant enough or not

  ahead of the production.

3. Ensure putting fabric into the machine correctly, when the machine is working, make sure to keep both sides of fabric in regular and straight,

avoid the wrinkling.

4. When fire up the machine, using the sample fabric for the testing to

  adjust the burner and speed well. Once the machine going into operationg normally, it is not allowed to adjust the burner and speed randomly during which avoid the production defect,

And the worker who breaking this rule will be responsible for the production accident.

Pay more attention to avoid the oli defect occurring.

5. Work seriously and carefully to enhance the patrol during the whole singeing process. If any problem occure, it request to solve in time and make sure to finish the production successfully.

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