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Operational Procedures In Fabrics Inspection And Packaging
- Feb 24, 2017 -

1.Clean the workshop when work starts, especially the inspection desk, to avoid any contamination for finished fabrics.

2.Take the card first during inspection process, learning all the details of the inspecting products such as item,specification,width ect, in order to mark on the outpackage clearly.

3.When make inspection for first roll of each color, to sample from middle of fabrics and inspect color at Lab room. If it’s ok, continue the inspection process, otherwise re-produce the color.   

4.During the inspection process, the qualified products will be packed in rolls separately or in same color package as per the client’s requirements; In case any special situations of unsure about inspection standards,reporting to relevant staff promptly for resolving.

5.     If it in rolls during inspection process, the selvedge should be tidy, fabric surface should be smooth. To qualify package and meets client’s requirements. Yardage numbers should be clear and exact, stamp at the end of rolls & mark quantity when finishing.

6.Packing for finished fabrics should be tidy with good appearance.

The products for each order should be centralized seperately with neatly stacked.

7.After inspection of each order, the quantity of A class & degraded products should be timely reported. Inform workshop manager if any re-process fabrics and correct promptly, in order not to delay any delivery date.

8.When the inspection process be finished, degraded fabrics must be classified nicely and put in storage.

9.When leaving work, clean up workshop to keep neat & comfortable working environment.

10. All the losses has caused will be compensated by inspection people if not following the requirements or planning instructions.

11. Inspection report of the day in duplicate be submitted to the manager.

12.Every pile of finished fabrics should be mentioned date, handling people,clients,contract no. color and quantity.


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