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Material knowledge
- Nov 08, 2016 -

Polyamide polyester fabrics in shengze market belongs to one of the conventional product, Polyamide polyester fabric, nylon yarn, weft polyester yarn woven into it. Market a polyamide/polyester herringbone Twill fabric blend of rising stars, is one of the most popular regular fabric.

Nylon herringbone Twill fabric with polyester DTY75D polyester silk and Polyamide/polyester composite 160D for raw materials, selection of Twill, in water-jet loom weaving, then dyeing and other finishing processes. This fabric is not only combines the properties of nylon and polyester, using not only color temperature can reach the effect of color; also because composite wire into, makes the fabric surface will glow silver, giving a sense of spirituality.

This fabric can be used for not only women's casual wear, and is one of the essential fabric of fashion pants. It is understood that the fabrics their own comfort, cool feeling, permeability and the color scheme of soft, fabric draping and numerous advantages such as shrinkage of small customers have been winning favour.