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Long-staple cotton market steady development of the purchase and sale of orderly
- Apr 07, 2017 -

Recently, long-staple cotton market is relatively stable. Till to 21st, Xinjiang Aksu, Shaya, Wenshu and other long-staple cottonseed cotton to buy the whole line to stop, cotton farmers are working this year's spring sowing work. According to some cotton farmers reflect the 2016 cotton farmers benefit quite well, is expected in 2017 long-staple cotton planting area will increase.

According to an Aksu cotton farmers, as of now, long-staple cottonseed cotton all sold, the average unit price of 7.85 yuan / kg, converted down, gross income of 2292.2 yuan / mu, remove the cost plus the target price subsidies, net income 650 yuan / mu or so. The cotton farmers said: "more than the species are strong, this year plans to increase a few acres .This year will pay more attention to seeding planting, seasonal grasp, and strive to yield 2017, quality and then on a step." It is understood that 2016 Xinjiang Aksu And other areas of long-staple cotton planting area reached 200 million mu high, the total output exceeded 200,000 tons mark, a record high in recent years.

And cotton farmers spring plowing is different, the current long-cashmere cotton spot sales no significant improvement. As of 21, Xinjiang Aksu area 137 long-staple cotton prices in 21,000 yuan / ton, 237 in 20300-20400 yuan / ton, long-staple cotton spreads on the one hand continue to shrink, on the other hand the recent inquiry, Business, the number of traders is small, the market deserted.

The recent decline in Qiyun costs, proceed to speed up the long-staple cotton shift library work. 21, a Sha Ya a business official said that the current Shaoya to Shandong, Texas, the cost of steam is 860 yuan / ton, compared with the Spring Festival before and after the decline of 100 yuan / ton, for the Xinjiang long cashmere cotton to provide a favorable condition.

Mainland long-staple cotton sales in an orderly manner. According to Shandong, Jiangsu and other places part of the cotton business, now long-staple cotton 137 to the factory price in the 21600-21700 yuan / ton, 237 price 21,000 yuan / ton line, remove the shipping costs, the enterprise basically no profit. However, after the Spring Festival this year, the textile industry to pick up, orders to maintain steady growth, manufacturers can drive at full capacity, with the long-staple cotton with the use, especially high-quality long-staple cotton is more popular.

The recent reserve cotton round out of the transaction price stabilized, the market clear, coupled with the introduction of target price policy, 2017-2019 target price is still maintained 18,600 yuan / ton, to the market direction. According to market analysis, this year, long-staple cotton or smooth operation of the main, the possibility of large fluctuations are smaller. It is recommended that the enterprises which are maily producecotton fabric, poly cotton fabric etc play steadily, avoid aggressive.


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