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Leather identification
- Nov 08, 2016 -

"Leather" is a common word in the leather market, is one to distinguish synthetic leather and a habit of natural leather name; in the concept of consumer, "leather" also having a false implication. In fact, leather is leather, it consists mainly of mammalian skin and processed.

Leather variety, variety, different structures, different quality and price disparities. Therefore, natural leather leather is all collectively, the commodity market the previous vague identity.

Natural leather, the leather type to include pigs, cow leather, sheep leather, leather and kangaroo leather and horse leather, a donkey, a few fish leather, reptile leather, amphibians, such as leather, ostrich leather. Bovine leather bovine leather, water buffalo, yaks and cattle leather leather leather divided into sheep and goats sheep leather. According to their level and second floor of the first layer of leather and leather, suede leather and full grain leather corrected grain leather; the second layer of leather and pigskin leather and cow split leather and so on. In the major categories in leather, cattle hides and sheep leather, flat on the surface of fine, small, fine internal structure tight, leather has a good sense of fullness and elasticity, good physical performance. Therefore, excellence in bovine leather and Sheepskin leather generally used as a high-grade leather products, their price was higher in the large leather category.

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