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Intertextile & China International Fabric Design Contest, Leading Chinese Design
- May 02, 2017 -

On 15th,March, China Textile Industry Federation Spring Exhibition lasting three days in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) opened as schedule. As one of the important events of Intertextile, China International Fabric Design Contest has been a source of concern. The cooperation model of the two exhibitions has been running since 2013. Over the years, the competition and Intertextile mutual support, mutual support, mutual integration, complement each other.

These two rich historical accumulation, big industry influence and impetus of high-quality platform, gather and integrate the advantages of China's textile industry resources, guide and enhance the Chinese textile enterprises product development innovation, positioning and build with the time into the Chinese fashion and popular in China, which continue to promote the upstream and downstream industry chain connection, pushing the Chinese manufacturing, Chinese design and the world stage, the global fashion connection.

innovation originated in china popular fabrics

Innovation originated in China popular fabrics

In this exhibition,more than 600 pieces of award-winning fabric products  from 300 award-winning enterprises exquisitely present in the China Textile Information Center, the National Textile Product Development Center Booth (7.2 Hall C49) dedicated "China Fashion Fabric" display area. Award-winning fabrics to men's fabric, women's fabric , sports fabric, leisure fabric, cowboy fabric, shirt fabric etc six terminal field classification show, at the same time set a comprehensive award and individual awards display area, category covers cotton fabric, linen fabric, silk fabric, wool fabric, chemical fiber fabric. A large number of high-quality corporate brand and rich fashion fabric of the essence of convergence, attracting a large number of viewers stop viewing, selection, but also by the industry leaders highly recognized.

innovation originated in china popular fabrics 

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