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Identification of components
- Nov 08, 2016 -

A, cotton and hemp fibers

Cotton and hemp fiber is just near the flame is burning, burning, flames are yellow, blue smoke. Both burning odour and burning ashes of difference is that cotton scent paper a combustion, combustion ash smell; burn, cotton, there is very little powdered ash, black or gray, produces a small amount of white powder ash.

Second, wool and silk

Smoke from the fire, burning blister, burn slower, emitting Coke smell of burning hair, ashes after burning mostly glossy black spherical particles, finger pressure is broken. Silk melts into ball, burning slower, accompanied by hissing, emitting a smell of burned hair, form a dark brown pellets after burning ashes, manual is broken.

Three, nylon and polyester

Nylon generic polyamide fiber, flame rapidly rolled melt white gel, molten fuel dripping and bubbling in the flame, combustion without flame, leaving the flame continue to burn, emitting a celery flavor, cool light brown melt easily crushed. Pet name polyester fiber, flammable, flame melting reduction, melting black smoke when burned, yellow flames, smell odors, burning ash Black Brown lumps, twist pieces with your fingers.