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Functional fabrics
- Nov 08, 2016 -

In addition to the above before pressing fabric texture classification, there is also a functional fabrics. Functional fabrics is a certain special properties and uses of fabric, such as waterproof, windproof, breathable, breathable, thermal, oil, stain proof, anti-bacterial deodorant, anti-UV and anti-static, radiation protection, flame retardant, high temperature, acid and alkali-proof function. Functional fabrics and garment fabrics on the market, used for outdoor sports and high-end leisure suits. New functional textile material, a kind of synthetic polyester fibers is the largest development.

Functional fabrics mainly used fiber weaving method and functional additives padding method obtained in two ways. Function fiber manufacturing method is refers to in yarn spinning stage used has special function of high performance fiber, as in national focus new products plans support field (2012) in the mentioned of "carbon fiber, and Fong LUN, and Fong sulfone LUN, and high strength vinylon, and high strength high die polyethylene, and poly benzene sulfur ether (PPS), and poly benzene and double evil h (PBO), high performance fiber", which Fong LUN fiber has resistance high temperature, and flame retardant and high toughness, can made various protection clothing, and fire clothing and bulletproof clothing,. Functional additives padding method refers to the use of advanced coating technology in fabric coated with different chemical raw materials to make it waterproof, fire-retardant, antistatic, special functions, such as enhanced strength. Commonly used coating made of PU (Poly-urethane) coating, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) coated and PA (polyacrylate) coatings.