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Eco-friendly textile solutions - TENCEL® Yarns Made Of Elastic Fabrics Are On The Market
- Apr 05, 2017 -

From the growth of environmentally conscious manufacturers, it can be seen that sustainable textile products are becoming more and more important. These manufacturers have been concerned about the green label products for some time, but recently found that the application of such textiles are quietly unfolded. LE textile companies have the same experience. As early as the beginning of 2006, the company made use of eco-cotton knitted fabric, and added elastic fiber Dorlastan® V550 to provide fabric elasticity. Then in 2014, the company replaced Lantian TENCEL® fiber with natural cotton, improving the process steps. Lacey fibers are made of wood as raw material - no harm to the environment.

 flexible warp knitted fabrics

TENCEL® enters the underwear industry

LE Textile is a pioneer in the production of flexible warp knitted fabrics using TENCEL® yarns. The innovative company demonstrated a wide range of smooth fabrics and lace products at the Lyon Raw Materials Fair in 2016, with visitors to a number of environmentally friendly textiles related dialogue. "TENCEL® is a hot topic in the near term," said Reiner Luckhardt, who commented on the Lyon Fabric Show. "According to the sales director of LE Textile, their fabrics are well received by garment manufacturers and are now With the trend, most of the consulting customers from Germany and the Nordic. In those countries, consumer behavior is mainly determined by the middle class, and this part of the consumer from an environmental protection concept. LE Textile uses TENCEL® warp knitted fabrics for sportswear, combining attractive orange / smoke gray together to show the vitality and character of eco-friendly clothing.

    In addition to the fashion industry, manufacturers of medical textiles are increasingly interested in elastic TENCEL® fibers - because of their unique wearing comfort. This fabric is softer than silk, cooler than linen, more durable than cotton - as tested by the company and the German academy. These characteristics are particularly important for patients with neuropathic dermatitis. Reiner Luckhardt confirmed: "Our fabric has a better effect on skin disease patients.

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