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Do you know why the color of surgical gown is green or blue ?
- Feb 27, 2017 -

doctor uniform    nurse uniform

In the view of most people, Its clean and holy when the doctor wearing a "white coat". I dont know whether you aware that generally the doctor will change to green or blue surgical gown when entering to operation room. Why is this? Before that, let's look at a picture first.


color fabric

Pls keep staring at the central black spots at least 30 seconds, then move quickly to the black spots of right white area. What did you see ? didnt you see a bule-green circle around the black spot? Even if you close the eye, or blinking, it will appear again.

This phenomenon is called "complementary color for residual image". In other words, if  people staring at certain color for long time, the eyes will produce a complementary color as a swap to get its own balance when he see other places. For example, red to green, blue to orange, yellow to purple.

For the same reason, the surgeon doctor will have to see blood during operation, if the clothes are white, they will be affected by the complementary color produced by eyes, resulting in an inability to concentrate.

Of course, expect relieving visual stress, the additional benefits for wearing blue & green gown as below:

l  Green stands for the energy, it can gives a sense of hope for life.

l  It looks like black color when the red blood be on gown, and the doctor wont feel bloody.

l  The Green clothes and disinfectants wipes have to be in use temperature sterilization repeatedly, so it must have high grade color fastness.

l  Dark green = aseptic cloth, this is a convention, the doctor will refrain from the certain color gown reflexly to avoid pollution in the operating room.



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