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Classification of workwear
- Feb 09, 2017 -

A Categorized the workwear by market demanding

According to the ways of buying workwear, it can be divided into organization market and consumer market.

B Categorized the workwear by Industrial properties

The primary industry includes agricultural, forestry, animal husbandry, fisheries, hunting, and mining workwear;

The second industrial workwear is the manufacturing, civil engineering and construction industry clothes;

The third industry means all other industrial workwears excepts what included in the first and second common industries is as shown in the figure 

C Categorized the workwear by difference of internal industry

This is a further classification within the same industry aiming at different positions, status and identity. For example,the hotel workwear, it can be divided into the front hall department,Housekeeping department,Security department. Engineering department and so on. However only the the front hall department, there can be classify as bellman, Doorman, Lobby manager, Commerce cashier, receptionist, etc. All of them have the specific image on their workwear, and can not be mixed. It’s the same with the transportation industry, they have their own featured workwear too, its different for Qiyun,Shipping,Rail transport. Air transport. All in all, The workwear can be designed better with specific position target.


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