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China-Australia Free Trade Agreement to start the third tariff reduction China's textile and other products will enjoy more tax incentives
- Jan 12, 2017 -

On 5th,Jan, Ministry of Commerce spokesman Sun Jiwen in a regular press conference of the Ministry of Commerce, said since 1st,January of 2017, the Sino-Australian FTA has been the third tariff reduction, tariff reduction of Chinese enterprises and the general Consumers will enjoy more tax benefits.

Textiles including cotton fabric, poly/cotton fabric, poly fabric etc and garments, auto parts, some steel and iron and steel products, household electrical appliances and other products of China's export advantage will enjoy more preferential tariffs

It is reported that since the implementation of the Sino-Australia FTA in December 2015,although not long, but the implementation of good results, preferential tariff utilization is higher. In the global trade downturn in the environment, the bilateral trade in goods remained stable, especially in 2016, China's exports of electromechanical products to Australia grew rapidly.

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