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Carbon Fiber Development In 2017 Three Major Trends
- Feb 07, 2017 -

Trend 1: Carbon fiber products to the stability, high-end direction

Although the domestic carbon fiber production enterprises in the design capacity of more than kiloton 3-4, but the lack of core technical team, the stability of the production process and process control consistency is poor, can not guarantee the quality and stability of carbon fiber products, production costs Very high. Therefore, to achieve stable production of products, improve equipment utilization is an inevitable trend.

According to statistics, the current domestic carbon fiber in the aerospace, sports, leisure and industrial applications in three areas, high-end applications accounted for only 4%. Need to devote themselves to study and achieve technological breakthroughs, the formation of system, series of carbon fiber industry chain development model to break the monopoly of foreign high-end areas.

Trend II: to seek new market areas

At present, high-end carbon fiber applications from Japan, the United States and other developed countries monopoly. Most of China's carbon fiber products in the low-end areas. The low-end applications such as sports and leisure areas, industry giants in price development and research in scientific research is easy to form a joint force to suppress the domestic carbon fiber business

Therefore, China's carbon fiber industry in urgent need to seek new market areas, access to breakthrough development.

Trend III: corporate restructuring and mergers and acquisitions, the layout of a complete industrial chain

Carbon fiber industry is a highly technical and capital-intensive industries, domestic needs a huge investment, facing the international giants to suppress, it is inevitable to face the transformation of mergers and acquisitions through the integration of resources to form large-scale carbon fiber production enterprises to participate in international competition.

Carbon fiber industry chain related products, from raw silk to carbon fiber to composite materials and composite materials after the application design, product value is great. Through the layout of the system, the whole series of industrial chain, carbon fiber companies can reduce costs, increase profitability, the ability to face the international giants of competition, to reverse the dilemma.

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