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Bamboo fiber fabric
- Nov 08, 2016 -

Bamboo fiber is a natural material has the following characteristics.

1, see--shining bright

Lift bamboo fiber towel in good light conditions, towel surface from all angles, Terry smooth, delicate, bright color, Terry arranged uniformly ordered

2, touch – soft and comfortable

With a touch of his hand, soft smooth (velvet), and flexible. Put bamboo fiber towel to the face still feel, you will really feel like baby's skin is very delicate, soft, smooth, comfortable, such as satin. Touch ordinary towel, bring what you are feeling? Must be hard, dry and rough. Characteristic of the bamboo fiber towel is the silk is forging effect represents the development trends of the industry.

3, shake it-straight-pendant

Hold the two side of the bamboo fiber towel corner lift suspension, shake gently several times. You will see its good movement and vertical, like beautiful sweet, smooth silk smooth and rejoice. Jitter again ordinary towels can only feel lightness floating, difficult to dip. Hands off two towels free falling from the Loft to the bed or desk, look at their shape. You'll find that bamboo fiber towel softly into a heap, there is no "bones". While the common towel stiffly into a geometric shape.