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Acrylic fiber and polypropylene fiber
- Nov 08, 2016 -

Acrylic name polyacrylonitrile fiber near softening-melting reduction, caught fire with black smoke, flames are white and the fire quickly burning radiates the bitter smell of burned flesh, after burning to ashes as irregular black lumps, hands twisting breakable. Polypropylene generic polypropylene fiber, flame that is melting, and flammable, slow fire burning and belching black smoke, flame-yellow at the top, the bottom blue, emitting a smell of oil, ash is a hard pale yellow brown granules after burning, hands twisting breakable.

Polyvinyl alcohol and an-VDC copolymer fibers

Polyvinyl formal fibers vinylon name, easily ignites, flame melting contraction, burning flame at the top until the fibers have melted into the gel flame get bigger, there is thick black smoke, send bitter sweet smell, small black beads left after combustion particles, finger crushing. An-VDC copolymer fibers generic PVC fiber, burning from the fire that was put out, flames are yellow and the lower green white, emitting pungent acrid pungent sour, burning ash to dark brown irregular lumps, finger easy-twist pieces.

Polyurethane and Teflon

Polyurethane fiber spandex name, near the fire fusion burn, burning flame is blue, leaving fire continued to melt, and exudes a special irritant smell burned to ashes as soft and fluffy black ash. PTFE Teflon name fiber, ISO organization called fluorite fiber, flame just melted, difficult to ignite, burn, edge flame was blue-green carbide, melt and decompose, toxic gas, molten material is a hard round black beads. The Teflon sewing thread is often used in the manufacture of high-performance fibers in the textile industry.