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The Development Of Qingdao Riger Textile

  The predecessor of Qingdao Riger textile was a fabric factory, which was set up by Mr. Pan in 1998. The factory is located in Binzhou city of Shandong province. From the year of 2001, Mr. Pan established a trading company named “QINGDAO RIVER TRADING CO.,LTD” which was special for international business, and the products started to export to the world. Today, Qingdao Riger Textile Company has become a long-term supplier for the famous brands with our good quality fabric and good service. Now Qingdao Riger Textile Company is one of the biggest fabric manufacturer in China.

Initial Development Of Our Company

In 1998, Mr. Pan established Qingdao Riger Textile corporation in Qingdao city with unusual courage, lead group of motivated founder into textile industry, aiming at come to the fore in this career. At the starting, we mainly produced greige for textile enterprises in Shandong Province, sooner our products getting a solid foothold in city since Mr. Pan set the quality be the core of the products at first time.

Exploring International Market

In Nov.10th, 2001, China get access to the WTO in the Fourth ministerial conference held in Doha. Learning about this news, Mr. Pan believes that the foreign trade period is upcoming, the textile will toward another climax for development. In order to grab current opportunity, we made an adjustment rapidly, confirmed the corporate philosophy with “ internationalization, branding , diversification”.  Riger textile established foreign trade department officially in Jan 15th.2002, introducing global transaction, opening international market, and makes Riger Textile products serving all over the world. which are a very solid foundation for further development.

Due to strictly pursue the business philosophy "quality and service come first", Riger textile opened market rapidly to their products in international trade. Since super sense, accurate market location of Mr. Pan, Riger textile gained great achievement s both in domestic and international market, which is known as model enterprise by counterparts in Qingdao textile industry.

      With the globalization of international economy, world textile emerging quickly, and the products get cannibalization from similar global products, gradually into a bottleneck time. The international economic trade becomes easier and faster because of development of international shipping, the textile enterprises being more diversified. Our customer expected us providing semi-finished products directly not limited to the greige, which they can used them for production immediately.

Breaking Product Limitation

In order to break the limits of development, Mr. Pan formally proposed to set up Qingdao Riger textile company at the annual meeting of 2008. For purpose of building the brand and improve the quality, the company lead into advanced international management system based on the original management. Apply 5S Management, Lean Production, JIT, Dashboard management and Scene Management in the production which could increase productivity, reduce the production cost, control the stock. As the first textile company who used Industrial Engineering Management Method in Qingdao City, our production management is on the top level.

In terms of hardware, we cooperated with the well-known environmental protection enterprises to build waste water treatment equipment which is based on the public water conservation resources. In order to ensure product quality, we have long-term cooperation with ITS, BV, Hohenstein and SGS testing agencies to control product quality and devote ourselves to environmentally friendly textile production.

Basing on the company development and focusing on product quality, Qingdao Riger Textile become the partners with Shandong Weiqiao Pioneering Group, Shangdong Natsun Holding limited, Shangdong Ruyi Group and Shandong Luthai Textile large-scale enterprise . Still now we have built the long business relationship with Marks&Spencer, Esprite, Colombia, Eddie Bauer etc in the world.

Supply Range

Qingdao Riger Textile Company have Weaving Shuttle Looms, rapier loom, Air jet loom, which can produce the clean edge and raw edge fabric to meet customer different requirement. Our core products are all kinds of poly/cotton fabric, yarn dyed fabric, 100% cotton fabric, cotton/rayon fabric which are used for shirt, school uniform, worker uniform, medical uniform, military uniform and also for pocketing and interlining etc.

Expectation Future

On 4th,November , 2014, the 16th China International Industrial Fair opened in Shanghai, Mr. Pan organized company executives to participate in the exhibition. The exhibition shows the concept of Industry 4.0 proposed by Germany. It made the supplying, production, and sale management into datamation and Intelligence through Internet Of Things, then meet the fast, effectively, and personally product supplying. Mr. Pan recognized it would be a new Industrial Revolution in the future which is going to replace the current production type fully. Alibaba group is now working to build a global alliance and inventory system for Chinese exporter. This will be an important international platform for Chinese enterprises. Mr. Pan has set up an Industry 4.0 propulsion group after the exhibition to promote Industry 4.0 and build the new production type basing on Internet Of Things.